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Rental equipment

Rental details

You rent everything clean and we pick it up dirty: all the rented equipment will be delivered perfectly clean, after use we will clean it using special sanitizing equipment. Your only task will be to eliminate all solid waste from the equipment and place it in the appropriate containers.

 The service is included in the rental price. If a product is damaged, it will be the client’s obligation to pay  the wholesale cost for the item, rather than the full price. In this way, we always work closely with our customers to facilitate them for any eventual breakages or damage.

For equipment rental, a security deposit corresponding to 30% of the total rental cost is required.

Come and visit us to request information regarding the transport of goods or for estimates.
The staff at Gold will be happy to help you!

The advantages of temporary rental

The  temporary rental advantages are many; first of all,the client avoids the problem of storing goods, in fact, at the end of your events, all the goods will be returned by yourself or collected by our collaborators, freeing up your space.

Rental, unlike purchasing, is more convenient, you will not have any maintenance costs and you will also be able to create events with ever-changing setups, to make each occasion unique and never the same as the previous one.

The hygienic standards are very high, in fact we use  sanitizing machinery to ensure perfect cleanliness of the equipment and consequently highly aesthetic results.

For any information, call us!